Happy clients

Key VoIP pride themselves in their attention to detail and quality of customer service. Every project is delivered on time without disruption to a clients business, seamlessly upgrading or installing… here’s what a couple of clients had to say:

CORGI Services Ltd – Testimonial

“We had an issue, we needed to move our company in a very short space of time, the company was also going through some vast changes that meant the old style phone system we were using was not going to work for us and to make it work was going to cost a large amount of money.

We were approached by Key-Voip who assured us for less money than we had been planning on spending on an engineer to visit our site to amend our menu system they could provide a new system that was not only portable but also flexible so that it could be moulded to our way of working.

We required an extensive IVR solution to route our calls to external licensees, this system would need to be also very configurable because of the fast changing events that were happening internally in our business. We also required the flexibility to have home workers using the system as an extension of the office so the customer services did not suffer, we also required something that could be unplugged and then moved to three separate offices.

Key-Voip gathered the requirements for the IVR and implemented that in less than a day, they then installed the phones and re-routed an extensive list of our 0845 and 0870 numbers to point towards the IVR. The phones went live on the agreed date and when we moved some three weeks later the phones were simply unplugged and plugged into three new office locations. No sales calls were missed, our customers would not have noticed that the customer service team were now in different offices and the whole experience had been a cost effective timely operation.”

Pat Fulker – CEO CORGI Services Ltd


Gas Safety Trust

“Being a charitable Trust that leads the UK’s Gas Safety movement we need to be as frugal as we can be with our systems without sacrificing quality or operational value. Key-Voip approached us because we needed to move to new premises but we needed the functionality of a large scale Telecom’s system but just didn’t have the budget to afford one. We needed something that could be configured to allow flexibility because we spent a fair amount of time out of the office fund-raising.

Our move date was fixed and we also needed the system very quickly, we were promised that the phone system would be installed and tested the day before our move date, this was done in a prompt efficient manner by Key-Voip, they even hoovered and wiped the desks down after they had finished!

The system we have now offers the flexibility we needed, if any of the team are out and about then our voicemail is sent to our email which we access via our Iphones on the move. Our calls are diverted to any handsets we choose and we have one of our Trustees who is in a remote location who has a VoIP phone installed in her house so she can call in free of charge to thehouse and have calls passed to her if needs be.

The system has revolutionised the way we operate and has also cut our call charges to a fraction of what they would have been with a traditional system.”

Nigel Dumbrell – Trust Manager